Example Video

Object recognition basics

The above video is a simple demonstration of basic object recognition technology, which utilizes machine learning techniques. The machine learning model has been trained to recognise various household items such as a microwave and TV. We used surface and edge detection to draw a 3D boundary around the object of interest. The user in the video is touching an area of interest and the machine learning model is attempting to guess the object in that selected region. Sounds have been added for dramatic effect!

What is object recognition?

Our Object Recognition SDK allows to develop applications and solutions for a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Recognition of documents, stamps, labels, packaging and other items for sorting, logo masking, usage monitoring and similar applications.

  • Object counting and inspection for assembly lines and other industrial applications.

  • Augmented and extended reality applications for toys, games, devices and Web applications such as: smart toys for children that recognize cards and images, recognition of places based on photographs; recognition of products such as beverages, foods and other consumer goods.

    Robotic vision for navigation and manipulation.

    Law enforcement applications for identification, such as tattoo recognition.