Our Products and Technology

Clothing Recognition

A close cousin of facial recognition, clothing recognition can be used for law enforcement and in the fashion and advertising industries.

Vehicle Recognition

Our technology can estimate the type of vehicle, its color and even read the license plate number. All data is recorded in an easily searchable database.

Object Recognition

Our object recognition software can identify various household objects using an image or real-time video as an input. Check out our example demo.

VidGiv Blockchain

The VidGiv platform is an exciting new way video content creators can earn an income using blockchain technology, by receiving VidGiv tokens.

Distance Measuring

We can estimate distances using flat 2D imagery as an input. This technology can be used in conjunction with Augmented Reality to achieve impressive results.

Custom Machine Learning

We can develop customized machine learning models, to suit your business needs. We can train programs to recognize various types of objects.

The Blog

Google TensorFlow makes machine learning easy.

Posted on 31 Aug 2017

In the last few years the field of machine learning has made tremendous progress on addressing these difficult problems. In particular, we've found that a kind of model called a deep convolutional neural network can achieve reasonable performance on hard visual recognition tasks -- matching or exceeding human performance in some domains.

What is Deep Machine Learning?

Posted on 03 Sep 2017

Facebook automatically finds and tags friends in your photos. Google Deepmind's AlphaGo computer program trounced champions at the ancient game of Go last year. Skype translates spoken conversations in real time, and pretty accurately too. Behind all this is a type of artificial intelligence called machine learning, sometimes referred to as deep learning...