Example Video

Distance calculation basics

Distance calculation from 2D video or images is a cutting-edge technology which combines various techniques such as 3D camera solving with landmark detection (using google image-based search) to then estimate distances between two objects or points within the image. The program also scans for humans within the image and uses their estimated heights to add further accuracy to the distance solving solution.

Applications of distance measuring

This technology has many applications, especially within augmented reality. Using this technology, it's theoretically possible to build an entire 3D scene from a flat 2D photo, although the visual data hidden behind objects will not be available, so we may have to tile or repeat segments of the image to fill in the gaps.

  • Imagine being able to dive in and explore your old 2D photos and video in 3D!

  • This technology can be used to add additional accuracy to augmented reality software, for example, better and more accurate placement of 3D virtual items within the scene, and better perspective solving.

  • Augmented and extended reality applications for toys, games, devices and web applications such as: smart toys for children that recognize cards and images, recognition of places based on photographs; recognition of products such as beverages, foods and other consumer goods.

    Our distance calculation solution can aid robotic vision for navigation and manipulation.