Custom AI

Our machine learning models can be trained to recognize famous landmarks such as the Big Ben, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel tower, the pyramids of Egypt and hundreds more. It utilizes a similar method to object recognition, where a machine learning model is built exclusively to recognize famous landmarks. However, we are able to create a machine learning model for virtually any type of object desired. We can build custom machine learning models based on our customers' needs.

About custom machine learning

Our key focus is on developing an accurate clothing recognition system. However, a machine learning model can be customized to recognise any object. Imagine a factory which requires a system that can recognize faults in bottles. We can create a custom machine learning model, that can not only count the number of bottles automatically, but also inspect and identify faults within the bottle. The faulty bottles would then be automatically pulled aside.

We can help scientists identify and classify various animals. We can help military personnel by identifying objects within a landscape and calculate the distances between them. The possibilities are endless.